Consumer Loan Protection | Credit Life & Disability Insurance

Single Premium Credit Life and Disability Insurance are stable fee income producing coverages for consumer loan lenders.  Single or Joint borrowers eligible.


Home Equity/Revolving Open End Credit Life Insurance

Will pay outstanding balance up to the plan maximum in the event of death. The premium for this coverage is calculated on the average monthly outstanding balance. Single or Joint borrowers eligible.


GAP Insurance Program

The borrower can purchase this coverage when financing a motor vehicle.  In the event of a theft or total loss, this coverage will pay the gap between the vehicle value and the loan balance when the loan balance exceeds the vehicle value. 


Lenders Single Interest | VSI

Covers the entire vehicle loan portfolio if damage occurs to a uninsured financed vehicle (Repossession triggers coverage).  The premium can be based on a “per loan” or “outstanding balance” basis of total vehicle loan portfolio balance.


Collateral Protection Insurance | Vehicle Immediate Issue

This program allows the lender to immediately insure any uninsured vehicle as needed. An annual premium is advanced and if the borrower later furnishes insurance, it can be cancelled and a pro-rata refund will be made.