Mortgage Loan Protection

The investment your borrowers have made in their home is one of the largest financial commitments they will make in their lifetime. First Service Corporation has specialized in Mortgage Loan Protection programs for over fifty years. Mortgage Loan Protection programs are invaluable plans that offer borrowers loan protection on what might be the biggest investment of their lifetime. By offering a Mortgage Loan Protection plan, your financial institution is not only securing the loan, but protecting the borrower.


Credit Insurance

Give your borrowers peace of mind and allow them the option to add Life and Disability Insurance to their installment loan. Credit Life and Disability Insurance is a valuable plan that should be readily available to the borrower at time of loan closing. With credit insurance, the borrower knows that in the event of death or disability their family will be protected and their obligations met.


GAP Protection

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Insurance is a debt waiver that eliminates the out-of-pocket expense incurred should there be a difference between the actual cash value and loan payoff when a vehicle is stolen or totaled. The borrower can purchase this coverage when financing a motor vehicle.  In the event of a theft or total loss, this coverage will pay the gap between the vehicle value and the loan balance when the loan balance exceeds the vehicle value. 

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Home Equity Revolving Credit Life Insurance

The HEQ Life Insurance plan will pay the outstanding balance of the loan up to the plan maximum in the event of death. The premium for this coverage is calculated on the average monthly outstanding balance. Single or Joint coverage is available.


Term Life Insurance

Having a Term Life Insurance program available to your borrowers can benefit borrowers in various different life stages and situations. Our program is an easy to use online platform giving borrowers the opportunity to quote various insurance carriers at one time. Borrowers have the choice to speak with a life Insurance Consultant to ask questions about coverage and cost, letting them find a coverage to fit their needs and budget.

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Business Loan Protection

Your financial institution works with business owners every day, helping them to obtain loans to start, or expand their companies. The Business Loan Protection (BLP) insurance product is designed to provide payments for covered business loan obligations in the event of a business owner’s disability. If an owner becomes totally disabled benefit loan payments are made which helps the owner keep the business open and continue making payments on the loan from your financial institution.



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Merchant Services | Credit Card Processing

Add Credit Card Processing to your Merchant Services product suite for your commercial loan borrowers. Your financial institution will be able to provide commercial loan clients with yet another great product to help them grow their business and become more efficient. Commercial Loan borrowers will be able to gain better control of their cash flow with online reporting tools and stay up on the latest point of sale systems with innovative technology.