Mortgage Lending Activities Policy (MLAP)

The Mortgage Lending Activities Protection (MLAP) policy is not title insurance, but rather an errors and omissions policy designed to protect lenders from unknown liens. MLAP eliminates the need for a costly and timely courthouse/title search and provides your financial institution with coverage. 


MLAP Policy Coverage

The coverage protects the lender from mortgage lending wrongful acts that result in a loss to their mortgage holder’s interest in 1-4 family real estate collateral property loans.  It does not cover First Purchase Money Mortgages.

You will be indemnified against direct loss which you may sustain during the policy period caused by your inability to enforce your rights under a second mortgage loan, due to the existence of a superior lien of which you were unaware; solely as the result of you not performing a standard title search prior to recording your lien or encumbrance on property against which you hold a second mortgage interest.


MLAP Policy Features

  • Eliminates time-consuming and costly title searches

  • Provides valuable insurance protection where “search-only” products do not

  • Saves time & money - lower cost than “search-only” product

  • Eliminates a 3-day or longer waiting period for “search-only” product

  • Speeds up loan closings

  • The cost ranges from 30% to 70% of search-only product





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