Residential Property Evaluations provide advanced and detailed reports for vacant and occupied Residential Properties. SCOPE residential evaluations were developed to value Residential Properties while meeting the Regulatory Guidelines pertaining to appraisals and evaluations.  The residential property evaluations provide a comprehensive market data analysis, and detailed inspections to provide clients with quality 3rd party property evaluations.


SCOPE Residential Evaluation Features

SCOPE Residential Evaluations assist Lenders in their requirement to comply with the new Inter-agency Guidelines. The current rules require that an evaluation must also document the actual current condition of the property. Furthermore, the evaluation must measure critical market conditions. SCOPE combines all of the necessary data to be compliant with a Site Inspection that details the property and neighborhood conditions with relevant exterior photos from street, including address verification, front and side views of the property.

Three cost-effective SCOPE Residential Evaluation options:

  • SCOPE EXTERIOR RESIDENTIAL EVALUATION:  Compliant with inter-agency guidelines.
  • SCOPE WALK AROUND RESIDENTIAL EVALUATION:  Compliant with inter-agency guidelines.
  • SCOPE INTERIOR & EXTERIOR RESIDENTIAL EVALUATION:  Compliant with inter-agency guidelines.

Recommended uses: 2nd Mortgage, Refinance, Home Equity Reviews, Balloon Loans, Default


READ Residential Evaluation Features

READ AUDIT is a Documented Audit that concludes the fair market value of a residential property.
Trained Analysts scrutinize data under a rules-based, appraisal methodology that stresses property value
from multiple perspectives. Pertinent market conditions and intelligence, plus sold comparable
properties are transparently reported to provide informed decisions. The audit confirms a quick sale as
well as a patient, fair market value.

  • READ RESIDENTIAL EVALUATION: Documented by market analyst.
    • Substantial Market Intelligence
    • Objective, Arms Length, Appraisal Based Valuation Methodology
    • Documented Audit by Senior Analyst

Recommended uses: Loan Renewals, Home Equity Reviews, 1st Loan Pre-qualification, Appraisal, Short Sale and Loss Mitigation audits; Portfolio Reviews


DA BPO Residential Evaluation Features

DA BPO is a traditional BPO conducted by a pre-vetted, Licensed Realtor with a READ AUDIT. The
process delivers two completely independent, objective conclusions of value, one confirming the other,
for the same fee as a traditional BPO.

    • Traditional BPO by Vetted, Licensed Realtor
    • 2 Independently, Reconciled Value Conclusions
    • No additional Fee

Recommended uses: Default Service operations