Term Life Insurance 

Would you like to offer additional services to your borrowers? Making your financial institution a step above the rest. Term Life Insurance programs provide borrowers and their families with insurance coverage and peace of mind. Our Insurance Partner provides the top-rated platform for financial institutions to easily provide term life insurance coverage to their borrowers. Their team of licensed insurance consultants, underwriters, client service managers, and product specialists work together to find solutions that best suit your borrowers needs.

What Your Institution Does

Submit a Referral...and let the Insurance Consultants do the rest.

The Borrower Application Process

The insurance consultant team will guide your borrowers through the entire process of obtaining insurance coverage. Here is what your borrowers should expect when applying for insurance:

  • Consultation. Discuss their coverage options, selecting a tailored insurance solution.
  • Application. Complete the insurance application with the Insurance Consultant.
  • Exam. Complete a brief medical exam to confirm their health. The exam is done with an examiner who is paid for by the insurance company or licensed insurance professional and can be completed at the borrowers home, office, or the examiner’s office during at convenient time for them.
  • Review. Wait for the insurance company to review their application and medical information to confirm qualification and rate. This review typically takes 2-8 weeks, depending on the selected product and insurance company.
  • Delivery. Once the insurance company has approved your application, your policy will be delivered to you along with any additional requirements needed in order to activate your coverage.

WHAT YOUr institution GETs

Your Sales Assist team keeps you informed with status updates. Once the policy is placed inforce, you will receive a percentage of the placed case commissions, payable in accordance with your existing compensation level reflected in the system on a single-case basis when you are licensed in the state of sale.





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